Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i feel like writing

Ok this blog is my connection to the people of the world and I find that awesome. I can share what i like with you, and what I don't like with you, I can kidnap YOUZ DOG or not. I can find happiness in this anonymous state. Although I feel limited somehow by blogger (jus cuz it doesn't let me swear or post nude photos, hentai, if you will) I just wish to express myself. I may sound childish or perverted well I am the second one but still I am not childish. Okay enough of that I am an artist as well. I do many things in macromedia fireworks and macromedia flash and just on a drawing pad. Well ok I like mmorpgs or massively multyplayer online role playing games and I like, well, of course, hentai games duh. Wait, I just remembered they do let me swear if it's misspelled. But enough about me and swearing let's talk about No, no, umm...movies. Dam, I already covered that! Well, I dunno, goodnight I guess.


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