Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I'm protesting society's problem with sexuality and the such.
So here's a cropped image
from a site ( that I like.
You can visit the site yourself to see the full image.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Sorry last time i didnt write in punctuation. But i didnt feel like it. Sooooooo moving on im in a good mood today so i will write a good blog. My favorite movies:
Jacobs ladder Pulp fiction Kill bill and Rugrats in paris. not in order.
my favorite tv shows: Mission hill Ren and Stimpy Invader zim and Oblongs. not in order.
Keep in mind this is just the introduction to me my freinds and so forth.
Mabie some of you have heard of neopets(tm) i gave up on that site it was to boring
oooh well. moving on just remember to explore my freind joe's site. well goodmorning in case i dont see ya
goodafternoon goodevening goodnight. bye

Monday, June 21, 2004

First post

Wow exiting my first post my friend Joe Nolan who I will be referring to
throughout a lot of my posts and now I wont be talking about myself much
just the people around me and sometimes me now Joe he likes many movies
the doors resevoir dogs and some kung fu movies right at this moment me
and him are watching Bruce lee enter the dragon well IM not because
IM glued to his cold computer screen and wrighting this and him
contemplating a tarot reading being stumped and then having a breakthrough yes well see you next time goodnight